Coatesville PA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

Now is the time to straighten up your house before the guests arrive and before we ring in a new year. Storage solutions at Coatesville Self Storage make storing the lights and ornaments hassle free. Along with our convenient space, we also are giving back to our community.

During this season of giving we chose to help Toys for Tots. Many people are familiar with this organization since they are nationwide. We decided to assist them this year and spread a little holiday cheer to our neighbors. With your help kids who thought they were not getting a present will have something to open on Christmas morning.

Coatesville PA Storage Solutions

Toys for Tots started in 1947 with a toy campaign in Los Angeles. This first collection gathered 5,000 toys and was distributed around the community. Major Bill Hendricks of the United States Marine Corps started this foundation and later turned it over to the USMCR. The organization has been nationally recognized by Presidents, celebrities and many other dignitaries. Their main focus is assisting children in under privileged areas here but have gone overseas several times after natural disasters.

Throughout the years of giving, Toys for Tots stayed true to their mission of spreading hope during the holidays. A toy given is not just a toy, it is a message and example of how to be a stand up citizen. The Marines and volunteers that hand the gifts out are responsible, and compassionate, all characteristics these youngsters can benefit from. In 2016 the organization saw 280 million dollars in revenue, which made it the second best year since they started collecting. This will be Toys for Tots 70th anniversary and hopefully their best.

While we finish 2017 and look forward to the possibilities of a new year, do not forget about those less fortunate. A new toy can go a long way in a child’s life. Thank you for all our donations for this year’s holiday initiative.

Once you have some time to relax, stop by for some of our creative storage solutions to make your New Year enjoyable.

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