How do you know which storage unit you need?

Planning a big move? We know all the effort you have gone to make sure every box is labeled and all your fragile items are protect. So, let us help you find the right size storage unit for your gear. Coatesville Self Storage in Coatesville, PA has the features and space to make the rest of your move successful. Our sizing chart will help you find what you need.

Coatesville pa storage unit
5×5: Small Closet

The smallest unit we have is our 5×5, which is no larger then the hall closet. This is a prime location for seasonal gear or business promotional items. Keep the advertising looking sharp for your next trade show and move them here.


10×10: 2 Room Capacity

You have options when moving the house. If you are painting and redoing your house, take it one room at a time. Store all the furniture in a 10×10. You have the space for 2 whole rooms or the equivalent to the family room.


10×15: Ideal for Large Items

Don’t let the bigger pieces of furniture scare you, we have options for them as well. Whether the grand piano needs a spot or you are helping a friend keep the extra washer and dryer, the 10×15 storage unit provides a great amount of space.


10×30: Find Room for Everything!

Store the house and the business in our largest unit! With our new facility we have the space to help you keep both spacious. Don’t let the clutter overtake the home office, keep the documents, promotional gear and extra supplies organized in a storage unit.


We know you worked hard to get to this point in your big move. Don’t lose your motivation because you don’t know what size storage unit you need. Our storage experts have the answers help you through the process.

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