Packing tips to prepare you for storage

We are coming up on the most popular time to move, are you planning to buy or sell your home this spring? Coatesville Self Storage is giving you some pointers before you arrive at the storage unit. Storing the entire house is a big undertaking and there are some things you may not be anticipating. With expert storage packing tips below you are ready to pack and store.

The key is in the preparation leading up to the big move. Finalizing details with movers, gathering supplies, finding the right unit, all topics our experts can explain.

Coatesville PA storage packing tips

  • Start with the right supplies, boxes, tape, and labels.
  • Remove couch cushions so you can vacuum any crumbs from underneath. Wash pillows and seat covers so everything is fresh going into the unit as well as when it comes out.
  • Applying a spray finish to wood or leather furniture will help seal and protect these materials.
  • If you can make large furniture smaller you will save yourself valuable square footage in your unit. After removing screws or brackets put them in a clear bag and secure them to the pieces.
  • Storing appliances? Make sure all water has been dried out and any hoses are stored inside.
  • Avoid folding clothes for a long period of time because that will create deep wrinkles. Instead, a wardrobe box will be the solution for hanging garments.
  • Key point to remember when filling boxes is smaller boxes equal heavier items, and large containers equal lighter belongings.
  • Either put a list on the outside of each box of what is inside or have a master list to leave at the unit for your next visit.

Our storage in Coatesville PA you can enjoy the rising temperatures and planning of your summer vacation this season. Coatesville Self Storage can make your spring cleaning easier and your move lucrative.

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