Where to recycle in Coatesville, PA

Are you ready for the winter weather? Get your house, car and storage unit ready for the drop in temperature with Coatesville Self Storage. Our space is useful for outdoor equipment, clothes, and extra furniture and affordable. Before you lock it up, go through your items and recycle belongings not being used. While you switch from summer to fall make some edits to your gear with our guide.

recycle Coatesville PA

From season to season it is best to go through all our items and look for anything that can be replaced and given away to someone who can benefit. Recycling is a small way to help our community and think about the environment. Send broken items to a recycling plant and donate useful objects to organizations that will make the most of them.

Before sitting your yard waste out on the curb call your local recycling center for regulations on yard waste. Schedule an appointment with them or drop off the excess leaves and yard clippings at a nearby incinerator.

While you clean the house and organize your storage unit do not forget to prepare your car for winter. Give it a fresh oil change and new tires. Not sure where to take the old ones? Contact anĀ automotive waste drop-off center in the area for assistance. Some can dispose of these items on site or direct you to a donation location.

Are you upgrading the home computer? Best Buy or local e-waste center can take the out dated model away and refurbish or recycle the materials.

For the valuables you want to keep until next year, find a home for them with Coatesville Self Storage. We have the public self storage units in Coatesville, PA to secure all your belongings until next year. Come in today for a tour around our facility!

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