Simple staging with the help of our storage space

Did you know a little extra storage space is helpful when planning a move? Sometimes the timelines do not match up or you just have not found the right property. In this housing market first impressions mean a lot. So, put your best foot forward with a little staging.

Staging does not require professional help, it means you look at your space from the buyers point of view.

Coatesville PA storage space

First reduce and rearrange

When living in one spot for several years, you can accumulate a lot of memories. Now is the time to start packing. Secure pictures and move furniture out of the way to create an open flow through the house. Couches, chairs, and bookshelves are all items to consider for storage. We have the space to keep them safe until you move them to the next place.

Clean or fix

The to-do list never stops growing. There is always something to finish and now is the best time. Have the carpets cleaned professionally and the hardwood refinished and buffed. Focus on details buyers will be looking at. Since you are also looking for a new place you can relate to those visiting your home.

Coordinated colors

Calming colors are best used in main living spaces. The selling highlights like your kitchen or bathroom can go a little more bold in terms of decorations. For both of those spaces keep everything coordinated and simple. Pack appliances and find towels and curtains that all match.

Use the decorations you have to open and improve your space before the buyer gets there. Staging on a budget is possible when you have Coatesville Self Storage on your side. Our storage space is secure and comes in a variety of sizes; everything from a small storage unit to large extra space for protecting the whole house.

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